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Christian Teachers’ Forum

Date : 24 September 2022 ( Saturday)

Time : 9.30 a.m – 11.15 a.m

Mode : Online via Zoom

Limited to 100 participants only.

Closing date for registration 15 September 2022.

Zoom link will be sent out closer to the date.

This Forum is meant to establish connections between the Anglican Diocesan Education Board and all Christian teachers in the Anglican Mission Schools as well as Anglican Christian teachers teaching in government schools.

In this Forum, we aim to share the vision of the Diocese on education and also get to know the needs and challenges of the teachers in schools so that together we can help the students not only advance academically, but also grow in their faith. There will also be a Q & A session for teachers to ask questions about how to be an effective Christian teacher wherever you are serving.

See you there!

From the Diocesan Education Board Chairperson,

Jenny Pang